About Us

about usDiscount Online Fitness is a commercial fitness equipment dealer specializing in new and pre-owned equipment. We buy overstock & demo model pieces from many sources to provide our customers the very lowest price in new equipment. We offer a full line of products to meet all of your fitness equipment needs. Our new product lines are from top manufactures in the  industry and are backed with full manufacture warranties. Discount Online Fitness also provides pre-owned commercial fitness  equipment to meet your needs for full commercial products when budgets constraints  don’t allow for the purchase  of new. We accept trades and are always interested in acquisitions of your pre-owned equipment. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you throughout the entire process of building your new fitness center or  revamping your current fitness center.

Discount Online Fitness is not only committed to providing quality products and superior service but also to providing a great experience for our customers. We understand that our customers are busy professionals with great demands placed on their time. Discount Online Fitness has fully automated all of our processes to help ensure efficient communications with our customers. Our unique system allows us to electronically send quotes, invoices, delivery conformations, certificates, manuals, account statements and all other necessary documents directly to an email account or fax. Discount Online Fitness is most proud of the fact that more than 50% of our business is derived from referrals and repeat business.

Every Product Comes With Lifetime Customer Support.
Just because a warranty ends, it doesn’t mean that we will not longer provide you with customer support. Unlike many companies in the industry whose only goal is to move products, Discount Online Fitness stands alone in developing a relationship with all of our customers.  Throughout the lifetime of your machine, we can help you obtain service, maintenance, parts, technical support, machine training, and recommendations, or just have a conversation about fitness or advice. The true testament to our success is with our customers.

Mission Statement:

Discount Online Fitness strives to be the leader in the commercial fitness equipment industry. Our team is committed to providing quality products and superior customer service though hard work and ethical business practices.

What is Serviced Condition? What is Remanufactured condition?

Discount Online Fitness offers these used units as remanufactured to “like new appearance and function” or in Serviced condition.

used single station equipment


AS IS: No service or repairs will be done to the machine. No warranty is provided with “as is” products.

Cleaned and Serviced (Refurbished): Entails a process of returning a used product to a satisfactory working condition. The unit is cleaned and all moving/wear components are inspected and either lubricated, cleaned, calibrated, or replaced if not functional. We will not address any cosmetic issues on the product so your product may have cosmetic blemishes, signs of wear, scratches, discoloration, worn displays, etc. If you are looking to purchase a commercial machine that functions well but you are not concerned with the cosmetic appearance of the product, this is the condition for you. Products sold in this condition are eligible for a 30 day parts and labor warranty, which can be purchased separately.

Remanufactured: Entails a process of returning a used product to a “like new” condition by painting the frame, replacing all wear components with new parts, and calibrating for optimum performance. The unit will perform and look “like new” and comes with a 90 day parts and labor warranty. If you are concerned with the cosmetic appearance of the product, then this is the condition you need to purchase. We also offer custom color options on all remanufactured products so please ask for more details.