Freemotion Fitness

Freemotion Fitness

Freemotion makes gym equipment that help build full, healthy lives using innovation as the key. As part of ICON Health and Fitness, Freemotion understands the power of innovation when designing fitness products.

We were the first to bring cable-based strength training to the market. In 1999, they introduced what would later be our Genesis Line — full circuit cable-based strength training under the brand name Ground Zero.

  • Genesis Chest
  • Genesis Shoulder
  • Genesis Dual Cable Cross
  • Genesis Bicep
  • Genesis Tricep
  • Genesis Row
  • Genesis Calf
  • Genesis Hamstring
  • Genesis Quad
  • Genesis Squat
  • Genesis Abdominal
  • Genesis Lift
  • Genesis Step
  • Genesis Lat
  • Genesis Dual Cable Cross LIte
  • Genesis Cable Column

Focused and targeted machines that rely on cable for resistance strength training.

In 1999, we followed it up with QuickZero and Quickincline and in 2001 as ICON, we revolutionized the fitness equipment industry with flat-screen TVs built into cardio equipment.

Today’s Freemotion is still taking it to the next level with state-of-the-art:

Along with seven lines of strength training equipment. Learn how to use each product with our online education courses at the Freemotion Training Academy available to trainers, members an customers.

We make the machines that raise the fitness levels of passionate goal setters.

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Other Fitness Markets:

  • Education
  • Gyms
  • Recreation
  • Apartments & Condominiums

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