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With new models ranging between under $1000 and over $4000 respectively, buying a indoor cycle seems to be a great investment for many people. Luckily, used indoor cycles are excellent alternatives to brand new models for folks who are on a tight budget. The most obvious advantage of pre-owned indoor cycles is the price, which offers substantial discounts compared to new models. Similarly, purchasing used pre-owned fitness equipment further puts the brand name of the indoor cycle within reach for people who cannot afford them.

Browse through our current inventory of used strength equipment and check back frequently as we are constantly obtaining new stock of pre-owned or used fitness equipment.

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Indoor Cycles continue to be the top choice equipment for cardio workouts. At Discount Online Fitness, we have a wide variety of high-quality used commercial fitness equipment at reasonable prices to get the job done. We check all our used fitness equipment for reliability and offer extended warranties on the same. Each machine is held to the highest standard, and we ensure each pre-owned indoor cycle has genuine parts from a reputable manufacturer. Our experienced team is committed to providing exceptional customer service that is tough to beat.

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  • Education
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  • Hotels
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  • Apartments & Condominiums

We will even provide you with more details on the monitors function, fly wheel, warranty, and more. Our excellent staff and experience in this field mean that you get the best brand selection for the money. Our pre-owned indoor cycles move fast, and we change our inventory daily to meet the demand.

Ready for a fitness upgrade? Get our high-quality pre-owned indoor cycles and enjoy the best deals and discounts while fulfilling your fitness journey. Here are samples of our used gym equipment you could find in our stores. Check them out and see the difference in quality and services that are tailored to your needs.