Used Fitness Equipment for Corporate Wellness


With good health and a positive attitude among employees comes increased work rate and productivity. For this reason, corporate wellness remains to be a critical facet in today’s modern business world. The employer by far benefits from a healthy and robust task force hence the corporate wellness program fundamentally influences the bottom line of the company…. Read more »

Why Buy Used Gym Equipment

used gym equipment

Used Gym Equipment Why buy new if a good used one is available at a fraction of the cost? This is true of many things, including used gym equipment. As the new year starts, many people are heading to the store to fulfill their new year’s resolution. Getting fit is usually on top of that… Read more »

Used Strength Equipment

pre-owned life fitness equipment in dallas

Building muscle and strength during gym workouts are great ways to lose body fat and sculpt the body. Having reliable equipment in place is essential when practicing resistance training. If you’re hoping to train at home or equip your gym, finding used strength equipment is an excellent option. What Is Strength Training? Strength training is… Read more »

Pre-Owned Gym Equipment

pre-owned gym equipment

Most people set a goal to keep lose weight and keep fit at the beginning of every year. However, not everyone can visit the gym regularly, and for those who can, the associated fees can accumulate to substantial amounts with time. Working out from home remains the most workable solution, but gym equipment is often… Read more »

Used Exercise Equipment for Homes

used exercise equipment

An investment in your home gym is one that pays out over a lifetime of healthier weight and improved fitness, but knowing where to put your home gym dollars can be a struggle. If you turn on late-night television, you will be bombarded with dozens of home gym systems that promise to deliver amazing results… Read more »

Why Buy Used Gym Packages


Between paying for a gym membership or financing a new home gym, either prospect can be costly. No matter your commitment level to getting and staying in shape for the long-term, both options come with pros and cons. However, there may be a third option you need to consider that may mitigate some of the negatives… Read more »

The Best Gym Equipment

used gym equipment

Do you want to reduce your weight and look more attractive? There are many factors that you should consider. You will note that the quest for fitness is on the rise. Nowadays, besides taking a healthy diet, you should consider doing some exercises regularly. You can choose to buy new gym equipment or used gym… Read more »

Used Gym Equipment From the Top Brands

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Gym equipment is an investment — a costly one if you want to buy the best. The market for used gym equipment provides a way to get quality products from top brands in the industry like Life Fitness, Cybex, Precor, Hammer and more at a fraction of the cost. What are the benefits of buying… Read more »

Safety in the Fitness Center

hotel liability

Many customers prefer to stay at hotels that offer the option to work out even though many of them never do. That means that having and maintaining a fitness center is part of your daily concerns as a hotel owner or manager. While customers are mostly responsible for their own conduct in your fitness center,… Read more »

Fitness for Fire Departments

fire house fitness

Being a firefighter is a tough job. It is a job that takes an enormous amount of strength and agility. You never know what is going to happen when you are responding to a call. The number one reason for the death of firefighters while on duty is sudden cardiac death. The Firefighter Fatalities in… Read more »