Best Investment- Used Gym Equipment

used gym equipment

Do you enjoy working out more often but you are not ready for pricey boutique fitness classes? Well, buying used gym equipment may be a better investment.

The good thing is that used fitness equipment such as row machines, treadmills, spin bikes, strength equipment, and weight equipment will only cost you a fraction of their original price. But you should be selective with equipment when refurbishing your training or home studio.

Before You Invest in Used Gym Equipment, Follow These Steps:

1. Know what to buy

The type of used gym equipment your shoes should match with the type of exercise you enjoy or, at least, something that will help you meet your fitness goals. If you are just interested in basic setup, then dumbbells, a bench, and resistance bands may help you. For a more complete setup, you should consider adding used treadmills, used strength equipment, used rowing machines, or even a used spin bike.

2. Test before you buy

Always buy something that you are familiar with. This will make it easier to try it before buying. Even if you want to try something you have not used before, make sure you are comfortable with it. Don’t buy something simply because it is a good deal.

3. Check for excessive wear

When buying used fitness equipment, be sure to inspect used fitness equipment for damage, rust, cracks, excessive wear, and other defects. Everything should work as it should. And if the equipment needs any parts to be replaced or cleaned, make sure the parts are still available and affordable.

Besides checking for excessive cracks, you should also inspect electronics, emergency switches, and wires for signs of damage. Other items of interest are loose bolts screws.

4. Talk to the seller

If the conditions of the equipment are right, you can now talk to the seller. While there are many questions you can ask, here are the ones that you shouldn’t miss:

  • How long has the equipment been used?
  • Has it ever been repaired?
  • Where did you buy it?

When Should You Buy Used Gym Equipment?

Timing is something that most people rarely consider when buying fitness equipment. Buying your equipment at the most appropriate time will help you save money and align them with your fitness goals. In most cases, people make fitness resolutions at the beginning of the year, so the most appropriate time for buying fitness equipment might be the first quarter. But don’t make it a hard rule.

That’s it. Once you have found out what to buy, you may need to organize for a couple of additional logistics to get your gym working.