On a 5 star Scale I’d Give It 8 Stars

I have been in fitness my entire life from high school sports then on to serve in the United States Marine Corps. From there I decided I wanted to compete as a bodybuilder and share my knowledge as a trainer, which I've done the last 15 years. I never expected my journey to take me to the places it has but in doing so I have become an absolute expert on the use of gym equipment, however upon entering the ring of gym ownership I have realized the amazing amount I don't know about everything not attributed to the use of gym equipment. I am a small gym owner (opening very soon anyway) I have searched out equipment for weeks and stumbled upon Discount. I made an appointment with Steve a staff member who has been extremely helpful and most of all prompt at returning any communication. I arrived at the warehouse having allocated an hour and a half to look around, I was immediately met by my Steve and the owner Kyle who proceeded to teach, inform and guide me as to what to expect in opening my gym. I then walked the floor for an hour picking my wishlist. Then to my surprise Kyle went out helped me find some hidden treasure pieces at fantastically low prices and pointed out some pieces that were less costly but as good or better than some of the pieces I'd picked that were more expensive BC they were parts of a circuit that couldn't be broken or just some heavier duty pieces that as a gym which will serve top level athletes as equally as someone walking in the gym for the first time in their lives and over 40. The bigger heavier duty less pretty on the eye at first, all pieces are refurbished to basically brand new condition, but as a 280 lb bodybuilder there was a 1 ft tall power rack from a division one football teams gym, BC of its size and that it was a stand alone piece it was significantly cheaper than my first pic, but stronger, more stable and able to use much heavier weight. This type situation repeated itself in different ways several times and we worked that floor for 2 hours. Now that says a lot but when you factor in that my gym is probably about 1/6th the size and budget of most of their customers as I could tell by the tags on equipment going out to big commercial gyms all over the Metroplex; Kyle who is one of us a lifter and lover of the gym and fitness life, spent those hours working with a USMC veteran on a tight budget with little to no credit. I rated 5 stars but on a 5 star scale I'd give it 8 stars. There was and still is a consistent no BS, helpful, more than fair pricing mentality that has me as a customer for life. I almost didn't want to write this because for me this place is like my ace in the hole BC I'm in a small market town south of DFW and Discount is an advantage I have over my competition. Never the less I could not go without expressing my appreciation, to Steve for his time and getting me in and Kyle for his time, effort, and genuine desire to outfit me with what I need on by gym standards a meager budget, though I'm quite sure I'll be trading with Discount for years to come. If you have a gym or are opening one; surfing Craigslist or looking for going out of business gyms is a total fools errand compared to coming here I spent 6 weeks looking and buying some equipment that hunt and peck method, I thank God I found Discount Online, literally it is an answer to a prayer. Not a prayer to get rich or have a fancy gym, no it was a prayer for a chance to succeed just enough to go for getting a great gym to my future members as I invest everything I have heart, soul, and dollars into my gym this business was that answer for one thing, a good chance to have what I need to do the work to make a gym of quality priced fairly that will keep the doors open and the members well cared for.


Nice Set Up!

I have visited your site in 2012 when I worked for the City of Irving. Nice set up and accommodating staff.



Anything you want or need they got it, if they don't they can get it.


All Equipment Is Top Notch!

The Grand Prairie Police Department had done business and had a good relationship with Discount Online Fitness for the last 6 years or so. We have made a few purchases of new and used items. All equipment is top notch! The customer service is quick, friendly, and spot on! Discount Online Fitness was always quick with quotes, follow-ups, and attention to detail. He also worked hard to keep the prices low; since our need for the merchandise/gear are not for profit and funds are hard to come by. We will continue to have a good relationship with Discount Online Fitness.


They Were Very Accomodating!

I know most people go here to buy whole gym packages, but I only needed two spin bikes and I needed a specific brand to match the others. They were very accommodating!


Thank You Discount Online Fitness

This company assisted me in opening up my first fitness facility, and did an excellent job when putting a list of equipment together! They are very ethical and aren't in the business to screw you over! The equipment lasted me a very long time, I had no problems with it! If you're looking to open a new gym, these guys will guide you in choosing the best equipment, meanwhile, keeping your budget low! They are all about your success, not just theirs! Thank you Discount Online Fitness, I will continue to do business with you on all my future projects!