Used Exercise Equipment for Homes

used exercise equipment

An investment in your home gym is one that pays out over a lifetime of healthier weight and improved fitness, but knowing where to put your home gym dollars can be a struggle. If you turn on late-night television, you will be bombarded with dozens of home gym systems that promise to deliver amazing results in little time, and with little effort. Unfortunately, those systems usually overstate their results and you find the equipment lacking.

For the dedicated home fitness buyer, used exercise equipment is the more logical and practical option. These gently used, scratched, or dinged equipment is the same as you would find in your local gym, but now you can use it in the comfort of your home. There are three reasons used commercial gym equipment is the most desirable option for your home gym.


Commercial grade equipment is designed and built to be used for thousands of hours before it breaks down. A high demand piece of equipment, such as an elliptical or stationary bike, may see hour after hour of continuous use in a single day, far more than you would put on it in a week.

These machines are made in such a way that you are likely to outgrow them before you can ever wear them out. For this reason, you don’t have to purchase a commercial machine nearly as often as you would residential gym equipment. This is not just true of the full replacement cost, but for the replacement parts as well. You will spend far less maintaining and repairing your commercial equipment than you would with a residential unit.

More Effective Workouts

To the casual observer, a piece of commercial-grade exercise equipment and a residential unit do the exact same thing for your body. How much difference can there really be between one stair climber and another?

In reality, the differences between the two types of equipment are striking. Commercial grade equipment is designed with the fitness expert in mind, so the designers have an eye towards making the machines as efficient and ergonomic as possible. Residential machines, on the other hand, are meant to appeal to the average consumer, someone who may not use exercise equipment regularly. For them, the machines need to be easy to use, even if that means the machines are not optimized for targeting individual muscle groups.

More Extreme Workouts

Combine the durability of commercial-grade machines with their efficient designs, and you have machines that are built for the most extreme of workouts. They tend to have higher maximum run speeds on the cardio machines, greater difficulty in their inclines and can handle more weight on their bars.

Furthermore, if you are a heavier person trying to find your way into fitness, many residential models are not weight rated for you. The treadmill desk weight limit on many popular residential models is as low as 200 lbs., and the price rises rapidly for sturdier machines. Many commercial grade machines have desk weight limits that start closer to 300 lbs., with much higher maximum limits at the top end.

A piece of used commercial grade exercise equipment is a significant investment for your home gym, but it will reap rewards over time. Take your time to select the right piece of equipment, and you will not only save money, but you will have a better workout.

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