Why Buy Used Gym Equipment

used gym equipment

Used Gym Equipment

Why buy new if a good used one is available at a fraction of the cost? This is true of many things, including used gym equipment. As the new year starts, many people are heading to the store to fulfill their new year’s resolution. Getting fit is usually on top of that list. In most instances, there is not much difference between a new or used gym equipment. There are several reasons for this. The first one is that compared to a couple of decades ago, gym equipment is built to be robust and sturdy. The second reason is that many people usually only end up using their fitness machines for a few months and then get rid of them. Whatever the reason is, going for used equipment is almost always a good call, as long as you do your due diligence.

Which One to Buy?

The variety of exercise equipment available these days is pretty much endless. There is a device for every type of exercise and person. When you have made up your mind to buy gym equipment, all you need to do is think about the kind of exercise you want to do. Fitness equipment is divided into two basic categories; strength training and endurance training. An example of strength training equipment would be a machine that uses resistance to increase the strength of the muscles. Endurance equipment is stationary machines designed to mimic running, rowing, or cycling.

Test Before Buying

Just as you wouldn’t buy a used automobile or electronic item without seeing it and testing it first, the same attitude holds true when getting used gym equipment. If you have your eyes set on a specific type of equipment, then go to the nearest gym and workout with that type before deciding to get it. Otherwise, there is a risk of you losing interest in it pretty soon and putting it online to sell. Resist the temptation to buy something simply because it is selling at a lower price.

Go for Popular Brands

Gym equipment sells according to popularity. Some brands are just better built; therefore, more reliable. Do your research and choose one that is selling well. When the time comes to buy, check, and make sure all the “bells and whistles” are working correctly.Ask how old it is and how often it was used. If there is noticeable wear, then use this as a bargaining chip.  Spending a little bit more on a good brand is well worth it, especially if you plan on keeping it for a long time.

Warranty Info

Most used gym equipment will not have a valid warranty. However, it never hurts to ask. In rare cases, not only will it still be under warranty, you may be able to extend the warranty. For high-end products, buying a warranty extension may be possible. If not, call the manufacturer and ask if they will still support it or maintain it. Also, ask the manufacturer if there were any recalls and if getting spare parts is easy.

Prices of Used Gym Equipment

The best way to find a fair price for used equipment is first to take a look online and see what they are going for when new. Finding out new prices will give you an idea as far as where to get started. Next, take a look at the classifieds and see what the average cost is for a used one. Based on this research, it will be much easier to bargain for a good deal.